Current turn around time is an estimated 6-8 weeks

Turnaround time update

You know that move I keep talking about? Well, after some renovation delays, I have an official move in date of February 1st! For the first two weeks of February I will be focusing on getting the family settled in, and helping out with some last things around the house. I will likely not have my sewing room until the third week of February, and then will need a few days to get set up and back to work. I will be taking a sewing break from January 28th- February 18th. No sewing means no processing build your own & custom orders. I am planning on leaving these sections of the website open, but with an extended turn around time to accommodate my time without a sewing room. As orders come in I will place them on my calendar and keep my turn around time updated on the website. My Calendar is currently filled to January 28th, so any orders placed now will be subject to the new turn around time.