Current turn around time is an estimated 6-8 weeks



X Back: Bra-style top with two straps on each side that cross in the back. U-shaped cut in front. Princess seams for shape, comfort, and support.

V Back: Bra-style top with one wide strap on each side that forms a V in the back. V-shaped cut in front. Princess seams for shape, comfort, and support. *now with ruching in the front center to accent the v-neck*

Leanne: High cut neck in both the front and back. Full chest and back coverage. Reversible options available. 

Nellie: Same cut as the Leanne top, but with a deep mesh V in the front center. Reversible options available. 

Paula: Same front as the Leanne top, with a mostly open back.  Reversible options available. 

Kitten: Sports bra style with a u-shaped neckline that is higher than the X back top. Has a low-cut, u-shaped back with a peek-a-boob cut out in the low front center. Kitten top can be made without the cut-out by request.

Stella: Deep v-neck top with deep u-shaped back. Similar to a triangle top but with great coverage & thick straps. 

Ellen: Sports bra style that only goes over one shoulder.  Has keyhole cut out on the front of the shoulder. Reversible options available. 

Michelle: Triangle top with thin strap details in the cleavage. Adjustable bra straps that can be rearranged to be straight back or crossed in back. 

Amelia: Triangle top with mesh added to cover the chest.  Adjustable straps that can be rearranged to be straight or crossed in the back. 



Bra Foam: Thin, light weight, and stretchy foam that can be used in place of the lining in the front of your top. This adds support and nipple coverage.



Risqué Bikini: The least amount of coverage for an extra cheeky look.

Cheeky Bikini: Shows off a bit of cheek.

Modest Bikini: Full bum coverage in a classic bikini shape.

Booty Shorts: Full bum coverage in a straight cut leg “boy short” shape.

Yoga Shorts: Full coverage with a longer leg than Booty Shorts, but still quite short. V waist band in back to accentuate the booty.

Gym Shorts: Longer leg than yoga shorts, coming several inches down the thigh.  V waist band in back to accentuate the booty.


B.A.B.E.: Low waist bottoms that are high cut around the hips. The front and back are both triangle-shaped with a comfortable waistband connecting them.

Retro: High waist bottoms that are cut very high around the hips. No waistband or leg bands, on these sexy retro bikini-style bottoms.

Kitten: Ultra-high or high waist, cut a bit higher than standard bottoms around the hips.

JoJo: Low waist, Extra Cheeky bum with lots of coverage in the front. Hips/sides are made from three fabric straps.  Also available in a mid waist version with five side straps instead of three.


Ultra Low Waist: an inch lower than low waist, available by request in “item comments”.

Low Waist: Designed to lay across the hip bones.

Mid Waist: Designed to reach up to, or just below the belly button.

High Waist: Designed to fully cover the belly button and lay across the natural waist.

Ultra High Waist: Designed to sit above natural waist just under the ribs.  

*Please note that everybody is different and how the bottoms fit will vary from body to body. For example, individuals with shorter torsos may find that the mid-waist fits them like a high waist. Those with smaller booties may find that the Risqué Bikini isn’t as extra cheeky as it is on bigger bums. Customizations to fit your unique body are available by request.


Flounce - Available in Risqué or Cheeky Bikini with Mid or High Waist. These bottoms have a tapered flounce skirt added on and a V shape in the back of the waistband that flatters the booty. These bottoms are a great way to add some flair to your next pole set!


Circle Skirt: A circle skirt that is the same length all the way around, designed to just cover the bum, however coverage may vary depending on your body. 

*Custom skirt lengths available* You may use the item comment section to leave notes about skirt length if the adjustments you are requesting are minimal (up to an extra 4 inches). If you are looking for a much longer skirt, we can do that too! But please send a message to request these changes.


Detachable garters are fully adjustable and attach with to Aerial Apparel Bottoms that have a garter loop. ONE SIZE FITS MOST (adjust from 20-36cm). Custom-sized straps are available by request. Garter loops are automatically included on your bottoms when you choose a garter add-on. You may also request just the loops be added to shorts so you can wear your garters with multiple pairs of bottoms!  Made from lingerie elastic, available in many colours.





Scrunchies to match your favourite Aerial Apparel outfits, or just because you love scrunchies!

Small - Smaller scrunchies that are great for space buns or pigtails. Also perfect for regular buns and ponytails when you don’t want quite as much poof to your hair tie.

Large - Big poofy scrunchies that are perfect for wrapping around your bun or ponytail.

Ruffle - A unique new style of scrunchie with a ruffled look. Perfect for many hairstyles, but an absolute favourite for wrapping around a bun.


Keep your shoes and boots looking brand new through all your clacking and dragging with platform protectors. Also great for adding some slide to your patent leather boots and shoes that might grip the floor a little too much when trying to slide. Available with or without a toe cap. Toe cap is recommended for boots and closed toed shoes. Sizing is based on Pleasers, however platform protectors can be made to fit any shoe, all we need is the measurements.